Graeme Worboys
International Union for the
Conservation of Nature,
World Commission on Protected Areas

David Johns
Co-founder, Wildlands Network
Professor of Political Science
Portland State University

Karen Ross
Africa Senior Program Manager
Zoological Society of London

Barbara Zimmerman
Kayapo Program Director & Tropical Ecologist
International Conservation Fund of Canada

Harvey Locke
Co-founder and Strategic Advisor
Yellowstone to Yukon
IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas

Charles Besancon
Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity

Vance Martin
Wild Foundation

Boyd Norton
Photographer, Author
Founder of Serengeti Watch

Michael Soulé
Society for Conservation Biology
Co-founder Wildlands Network

Scott Henderson
Director, Eastern Tropical Pacific Seascape Conservation International

M. Sanjayan
Executive Vice President
Senior Scientist
Conservation International

John Miceler
Senior Director, Eastern Himalaya Ecoregion World Wildlife Fund

Sorrel Wilby
Author, Photographer, Artist
TV Producer
Australia Geographic Society

Steven Woodley
Chief Scientist
Parks Canada

Ian Michler
Author, Photographer, co-leader
Tracks of Giants

Ian McCallum
Author, Poet, Psychiatrist
Tracks of Giants

Mary Ellen Hannibal
The Spine of the Continent

Joshua R. Ginsberg
Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies

Werner Myburg
Peace Parks Foundation

Dave Foreman
Author, Activist Co-founder
Wildlands Network